Comments about Atsumi Hara and the Rolf method of Structual Integration.
The following feedback is from Morihiko G. in New York City after the completion of his basic 10 series.

Structural Integration Experience
A passage to a self-adjusting body

I was very fortunate to get to know Ms. Atsumi Hara and received her Structural Integration treatments in New York City.

My encounter with Rolfing happened almost accidentally. I was researching a great deal about Gestalt Psychotherapy and its founder Dr. Fritz Perls who in 1940’s started a new branch in psychotherapy emphasizing on one’s “realization” of being “here and now.” Traditional psychotherapy usually focus on one’s past experience and therapy is based upon analysis and explanation of such experience to a patient by a therapist. But such a therapy is a mere explanation by others and did not involve any action on the part of a patient. Gestalt focuses on the realization of a patient and it is truly an action on a patient’s part. The idea is that once a person takes action to “realize” here and “now,” it becomes a true experience and such an experience corrects any problem that one might have had.

As I read through some of the materials, I came to a part where Dr. Perls raved about Rolfing. He received the treatment himself and described his experiences as “remarkable,” “sensational” and “realizing.” So at that point, I was quickly finding myself researching Structural Integration (SI) practitioners in New York City. Then I found Ms. Hara’s website. I called her immediately and she explained the concept to me. Even though I did talk to other Rolfing or SI parishioners, I decided to go to see Hara-san based upon the impression of her ability to explain the concept very clearly to those who did not have any knowledge about SI.

Prior to the first session, I have had chronic problems of neck and upper back pain. Due to the nature of my business, I tend to be on two phones at the same time all day long in my office. Previously, all I was told by non-SI therapists was that I physically push and/or twist my neck and body that misalignment happened as a result and that the only way I can stay out of those troubles was to stay STILL! It used to be the case where I need to see a chiropractor every few weeks to correct twisted neck and back.

In the first session, Hara-san explained in detail what we were about to accomplish. I came to realize that everything I was told about the cause of my problem was incorrect. It was further amazing to realize that muscles can learn habit due to the property of fascia tissues surrounding the muscles in that it is plastic, meaning it could be molded into a different shape by physical forces. The imbalance that my body had was due to those “learned” imbalances of the fascia tissues since I was born and they are actually “pulling” my body out of alignment!

After the first treatment, I immediately noticed the sensation in my neck. I felt as if someone had lubricated my neck the first time since I was born that I could move my head without any friction whatsoever. It was already sensational!

Thereafter, it became almost a religious obligation to visit Hara-san’s office every week. Every step of the way, she was very clear about what she was trying to accomplish on the day. Due to the positive sensation I developed as the session went on, I just simply could not wait for the next appointment. People generally talk about Rolfing in terms of pain or discomfort involved with it. Yes, there were a few times when I felt some pain but it was bearable and just temporary, knowing what the adjustment Hara-san was making to my fascia tissues, the gain was just tremendous. As they say,” No pain, No gain”.

I have recently completed the full 10 sessions with Hara-san. And it came to the point where my body automatically finds natural and correct balance and alignment. Now I can naturally “realize” a correct body posture without trying! I noticed that by standing up straight into a correct posture, I feel and hear all minor misalignment of my structure self-correct by oftentimes producing small "click" sound in the bone structure which used to be produced only when chiropractic care was applied to adjust on a temporary basis. Now my passage to a Self Adjusting Body is completed and I thank Hara-san very much. I strongly recommend her treatment to anyone suffering from similar problems to mine.

Mori G., NYC