Here, I am showing some photographic results that compare the body condition before the first hour session and after the 10th hour session. Please move your mouse over the "before" photograph to get the "after" photograph.
Take a look at her right waistline (the left side of this photograph). It was higher than the left before the first hour session. After the basic 10 sessions of SI, they became the same height (SI practitioners would say that the pelvis was "horizontalized".) Actually her body was also lengthened throughout all segments and became a bit taller. She originally had the height but it was lost because the body was compacted by gravity. This lengthening result is quite common in SI work.
Before the first hour session, his upper body was sitting on his hip, the back was rounded and shortened at the waistline, and his chest was a bit caved in. Also notice that his head was forward so that the juncture of the back of his head and neck was pinched. That resulted in his looking up with his head. This is a very common posture.

After the 10 sessions, his chest was lifted, the back was lengthened and the shoulders went back. See that his head is now directly over the neck and is no longer awkwardly thrust forward. Notice how effortlessly he stands now.

She also had a common posture before the first hour session. Her shoulders were inward, her back was round and her low back is not supporting her upper body. It seems that her upper body is leaning forward. Take a look at the level of her shoulders and compare it with the "after" photograph.

After the 10 sessions, her shoulders were released and came back. Her back has lengthened nicely and her lower back now supports her upper body as it should.

These photographs are from left side of the model above. The before photograph clearly shows her rounded shoulders and crunched neck. Her posture is also a "looking up" posture. After the 10 sessions, her lower back was lengthened and the shoulders were well released. Her chest was opened and lifted up and her head now naturally rests on her neck horizontally. Just see the remarkable differernces around her head, neck, shoulder and back.
When she was standing, her right upper body was leaning forward so that her head was shifted right. Also her lower back was shortened. After the 10 sessions, her right upper body came back and the lower back was lengthened. She is now standing with her central vertical line. Just take a look at her waistline area. It shows clearly that her lower back is lengthened and is supporting the upper body which is now nicely aligned. The tissues are toned and directed towards that line.
Before the first hour session, she stood with her right leg half-a-foot behind the other with her weight on the left side of her body. That was her comfortable way of standing. The right pelvis was higher and shifted back, which resulted in her having lower back pain, especially on the right side.

After the 10 sessions, her pelvis was horizontalized so that her right leg came forward. She is now standing with both feet in a straight line. Her lower back pain was gone.

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Atsumi Hara
Certified Practitioner of Structural Integration